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Images - Urethane Adhesives - Sanding Paste
While Final Sand was primarily formulated for use in Blending Applications, it is also excellent for Bumper Prep (and other plastic parts), and as a final clean up before painting. An irreplaceable, top of the line product for the professional auto body paint technician.
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Catalyst Industries
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Product Description
  • Quick prep of panels for blending color and clearcoating.
  • Easy prep for sail panel blending.  Use anywhere a DA cannot reach.
  • Use FINAL SAND to clean the entire job and ensure that all areas are completely prepped.
  • Extremely fast cutting action
  • Gives uniform fine scratch
  • Rinses clean easily & leaves no residue
  • Sudsing action removes road grime while you sand
  • Biodegradable and neutral pH

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